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Little Munchkin Web Design: high-quality websites in Oakleigh, Melbourne

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Hi, I’m Natasha and I am a web developer and designer based in Oakleigh, Melbourne. I specialise in fully responsive WordPress sites that are fast, eye-catching and functional.

web design process by Little Munchkin Web Design

I like to create websites that are clean and simple, and lack clutter (unlike my own home!). My focus is on understanding the objectives of your website, your audience, and effectively presenting content.

Front-End Development

I have the necessary technical skills to make your website look great:

WordPress (theme development, administration, troubleshooting and customisation)

web development process by Little Munchkin Web Design
web maintenance by Little Munchkin Web Design
Web Maintenance

It is essential that once your website is launched, it remains up-to-date and in-touch with your users and clients. I can provide the following assistance:

Regular updating of website: blog posts, news, articles, etc.
Maintenance of website: updating plugins and themes as necessary
Troubleshooting: quick resolution of any technical issues

Digital Marketing

So your website is live – now what? In order to attract users and potential clients, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are two essential tools. I can assist in these areas by:

Optimising your website to improve search engine rankings by utilising both on-site and off-site SEO techniques, such as structure optimisation and link building

Improving website visibility through the use of targeted marketing, such as Google AdWords

analytics analysis by Little Munchkin Web Design
AWARE Wildlife Rescue front page designed by Little Munchkin Web Design

AWARE Wildlife Rescue

Website Design / UI

I completely redesigned and redeveloped AWARE’s existing website. A major challenge was to organise their large amounts on information, and to present it in a way that was easy to read, and captivating.

Gomo Foundation front page maintained by Little Munchkin Web Design

Gomo Foundation

Website Design / UI / Website Maintenance

I am in charge of developing, maintaining and modifying the Gomo Foundation’s website. This includes maintaining, scaling and constantly expanding the site and determining technical requirements of the website.

Pets of the Homeless front page maintained by Little Munchkin Web Design

Pets of the Homeless Australia

Website Design / UI / Website Maintenance

I am in charge of content management of the existing website. This involves creating pages for new campaigns, writing new blog posts, and regularly updating the shop. I also run regular maintenance to ensure site runs efficiently, and utilise effective SEO and SEM strategies.

My inspiration behind my company, Little Munchkin Web Design


I became a web developer in a fairly roundabout way. I have a background in software development, but left the IT world for 15 years to pursue a career in medical research. Whilst I loved working in science, it didn’t allow me the flexibility to balance my work and home life. I have two young children (the little munchkins) who will always be my priority. But I also want to show my children that I can run a successful business and be a good mother as well.


Let’s have a chat! I am currently available for freelance work, and would love to discuss how I can help.